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Mini Joints –

A perfect meal solution for midweek

These mini joints are a concept which the AHDB Beef & Lamb NPD team has recently developed to help the decline

in the roasting category and revitalise it with new modern products, more fitting for today’s consumers and their

busy lifestyles, which leaves less time to cook midweek meals at home.

Larger roasting joints are becoming a thing of the past for many modern, busy households. The new range of mini

joints has been developed to provide busy families the opportunity to enjoy a beef or lamb roasting joint as a

midweek meal solution, where a traditional larger joint is often overlooked during the week due to time constraints.

Mini joints are easy to handle and carve due to their smaller size. This makes them great for customers who may

lack the confidence to cook larger joints.

These cuts are also extremely versatile in terms of adding value to them with sauces, rubs and glazes to create

different taste sensations for your customers. Why not sell them in ready-to-roast trays or oven-ready “cook in the

bag” products to really save your customers time in the kitchen.

Top five features of the mini joint range for your customers:

• Quick to cook • Easy to carve • Easy to handle

• Reduced plate waste • More budget friendly

I hope you find these cuts a profitable addition to your existing beef and lamb ranges.

If you have any further questions about the range or are interested in joining the free Quality Standard Mark

Scheme, please call the hotline –

0845 491 8787



Mike Richardson

Independent Retail Sector Manager