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There has been a steady decline in the roasting category in the retail market in the last few years, volume sales of

beef and lamb roasting joints decreased by 26% and 32%, respectively.

AHDB Beef & Lamb believes the decline of traditional roasting joints can be attributed to a change in consumer

eating habits brought about by a number of factors, such as time and financial pressures as well as a rise in the

number of smaller households. Yet the way in which many retailers present and market roasting joints has not

changed in line with consumer demand.

Recognising this, AHDB Beef & Lamb set about developing as part of their “The Carvery” initiative, a range of

smaller roasting joints, which are ideal for the ‘dining-for-two’ market.

AHDB Beef & Lambs starting point was to maximise the value of the carcase by adopting alternative butchery

techniques that can produce a range of innovative cuts and products that meet the needs of today’s consumers.

The added benefit of this approach is the ability to produce more consistency in a whole range of products which

gives consumers greater confidence in the beef and lamb cuts they choose.

By focusing its attention on specific cuts, AHDB Beef & Lamb have managed to enhance the value of the carcase.

The net result is that processors and retailers derive both increased revenue and greater margin from the range

of cuts and products, while consumers get a product that’s not only more in tune with their lifestyles but more

consistent in terms of taste and quality.

For the full range of mini joint specifications please follow the links below.

Beef range:

Lamb range:

• Stimulating category sales

• Maximising carcase value

• Improving product


• Meeting consumer needs