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t’s good to report once again that the prospects for the foodservice sector remain

positive. Latest market figures show that the total overall out-of-home spend is up,

total visits are up and average spend per customer is up. That said, the fact is that

growth is patchy and the competitive nature of the marketplace demands constant

innovation to attract customers and top-notch quality and service to keep them coming

back. There are, therefore, winners and losers: as the French might say – plus ça change.

The major branded chains and especially the mid-sized chains are doing well at the expense

of the independent caterer, many of whom continue to find the going tough. The biggest

winner is the casual dining sector with annual growth up almost 7%*. The travel and leisure

and quick service restaurant sectors are also performing well, while full service restaurants

are finding the going somewhat more challenging.

This reflects the nature of today’s consumer. They want good, quality, wholesome food

they can trust, but they also want excitement and variety – new flavours, new styles

contemporary venues – and a relaxed, informal experience.

With that in mind, Focus on Foodservice has again scoured the country for the latest tastes,

flavours and service innovations. There doesn’t seem to be a corner of the world whose

cuisine can’t be found here in the UK and inside this issue you’ll see examples of the tastes

and styles from Vietnam to Venezuela and from Korea to Peru.

The accompaniments being used to enhance the eating experience from beef and lamb

can, literally, take your breath away. It’s vital, though, to ensure that the quality and value in

the beef and lamb cuts being used will do the dishes justice. With that in mind, we’ve just

developed a new range of beef steaks, using really smart butchery techniques to produce

cuts which would otherwise be used in slow-cooking. These steaks – our Thin Cuts range

– have the potential to add real value to the foodservice market. More details inside (see

pages 6-7).

Another tremendous profit opportunity right now is to make sure you have a good choice

of lamb dishes on the menu. Our recent research shows there is a gap waiting to be filled

and with lamb prices as competitive as you’ll ever find them right now, I’d urge you to take

advantage and get what consumers confirm is the tastiest of meats on your menu. Again,

read more inside (see pages 4-5).

If any of the ideas and suggestions in this issue of Focus on Foodservice strike a chord and

you’d like more information or advice, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. All the contact

details you’ll need can be found at


. Enjoy!

Hugh Judd, Foodservice Project Manager, AHDB Beef & Lamb

*NPD Crest, May 2015




Goodbye to

blind loyalty

Consumers need good reason to keep coming back:

remember the old football adage – you’re only as

good as your last performance.


There’s still a


Consumers are happy to treat themselves – especially

where the family is concerned – but they are not

extravagant and value for money remains key. That

applies particularly to mid-price establishments.



fresh, transparent

Consumers are becoming increasingly demanding,

and they want to know more and more about the

food they’re eating and where it comes from – make

sure your menu gives them all the detail they need.




Sounds like they want it all! But while consumers are

mindful of eating healthily, they want a treat. After all,

eating out is meant to be pleasurable above all else.


Niche is now


Foodservice customers are used to the exotic: so be

adventurous and keep your menu innovative and

appealing – and your customers coming back.

Industry research

pinpoints the things

that matter and

which will make a

difference – here’s

the top five.