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AHDB Beef & Lamb is embarking on a new phase of promotional activity to help stimulate consumer demand for lamb. The autumn launch of the industry-wide campaign is timed to coincide with the peak domestic lamb season, when product is arguably at its best and most available. It runs in parallel with a consumer campaign co-funded by the European Union to encourage more people to cook with lamb. 


The new ĎDiscover Great Tasting & Easy Lambí campaign maintains the levy boardís long-term commitment to promoting lamb and consists of tailored activity for the multiple retail, independent butcher and foodservice sectors.


Event shows caterers how to maximise profit potential with QSM lamb

Indian Glazed ChopsA unique street food pop-up event took place recently to demonstrate the potential profit opportunities available to caterers by featuring more lamb on their menus.

Hosted by AHDB Beef and Lamb, the special event celebrated the wonderful flavour and tremendous versatility of Quality Standard Mark (QSM) lamb and inspired chefs to try a range of cuts as well as experimenting with different cooking styles.

To demonstrate lambís versatility and inspire chefs to get creative with different cuts, four street food traders were invited along to the event and challenged to create exciting dishes using QSM lamb for the guests to try.

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Video: Michelin-starred chef Nigel Haworth cooks up a tasty lamb cannon recipe


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We also have materials available for multiple retailers. Please call the Hotline for further information: 0845 491 8787



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Lamb - Itís the Taste Naturally



AHDB Beef and Lamb has launched a new category report: 'Lamb Ė Itís the Taste Naturallyí containing findings from bespoke consumer research recently carried out.

The research was conducted to help develop a better understanding of how the lamb category is currently perceived by consumers and to identify the barriers to purchase and consumption. 

The resulting report provides retailers with an insight into what motivates lamb consumers and demonstrates that innovation is crucial to driving growth back into the category.