New guide from EBLEX helps supply chain yield additional value from beef carcase

24 February 2014

If your business operates within the beef supply, processing or independent butchery sectors then the latest guide from EBLEX is just what you need.

New guide from EBLEX helps supply chain yield additional value from beef carcaseEBLEX has produced an informative new Beef Yield Guide, developed not only to add value to the beef carcase but also improve beef yield knowledge across the industry.

Aimed at the supply, processing and independent butchery sector, the Beef Yield Guide has been developed following beef carcase yield testing based on a 303kg carcase, classification R4H after a period of two weeks maturation and provides a detailed breakdown of beef carcase processing, from ‘farm to plate’.

The comprehensive new guide is segmented into three parts. The first section looks at yield from animal to carcase including all waste, offal and by-products.

Part two identifies all forequarter and hindquarter primal cuts that can be derived from the beef carcase, providing yield, weight and percentage information from the carcase.

Part three goes a step further and – for the first time – shows how each primal can be further broken down by seam cutting into individual muscles. The guide provides detailed weight and yield information for each muscle – as both a percentage of the carcase and the primal it has been taken from.

The guide also features a beef carcase classification chart which highlights the minimum conformation and fat class requirements for beef to comply with EBLEX’s Quality Standard Mark Scheme.

Business development manager for EBLEX, Dick van Leeuwen, who produced the guide, said: "We’re really excited about the Beef Yield Guide because, for the first time in one brochure, it gives processors and butchers the complete guide to breaking down the beef carcase and at the same time provides a detailed breakdown of yields for the various primals and muscles.

"The new guide serves a dual purpose. Not only will it serve as a hugely useful educational tool for staff, particularly for new people coming into the industry but it also helps to quickly calculate how much value we can add to the carcase if we upgrade certain muscles.”

To order printed copies of the Beef Yield Guide call the Quality Standard Mark Scheme Hotline on 0845 491 8787 or view online by visiting

For further information about the Quality Standard Mark, or to enquire about joining the Scheme, visit or call the QSM Hotline on 0845 491 8787.

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