New Product Ranges 

AHDB Beef and Lamb trade marketing activity is focused on a number of exciting product development concepts and promotional campaigns to bring new, added value Quality Standard Mark products to market and enhance profit potential throughout the beef and lamb supply chain.

Under an umbrella theme of ‘Cook-In’ for the retail sector and ‘Eat Out’ for the foodservice sector, AHDB Beef and Lamb is promoting cost-effective cuts and meal solutions, communicated to customers through on-pack labels, recipe books and purchase incentives.

Concepts launched at major event

AHDB Beef and Lamb showcased its latest product development initiative The Carvery at a major press event at the impressive Churchill War Rooms in London last year. To watch a short video of the event click on the button below:

In 2013, AHDB Beef and Lamb’s Steak Bar and Chop House concepts were also rolled out at a special event. To watch a short video of the event click here >>.

For further information or to discuss how these ranges can add value to your business, call the QSM scheme Hotline: 0845 491 8787.